Pittsburgh Penguins goaltenders Tristan Jarry and Alex Nedeljkovic
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Penguins Goaltenders Unreliable During Crucial Part of the Season

Published March 23, 2024 at 5:18 PM

Pittsburgh Penguins goaltenders Alex Nedeljkovic and Tristan Jarry have gone completely ghost mode during the most crucial part of the Penguins' season.

Despite dominating the first half of the season looking like one of the best goalie tandems in the NHL, the duo seems to have fallen off a cliff in what is deemed the most crucial time of the season.

Jarry and Nedeljkovic proven to be unreliable in the final stretch of the season.

As expected, many insiders called on thePenguins to trade one of their goalies
at the upcoming trade deadline, but evidently missed out on the opportunity.

The "fall of March" is what some may call it, as Nedeljkovic has played six games but is credited with a 1-2-0 record and a .843 save percentage. As for Jarry, it has been the same, with only two wins in his last seven starts, an underwhelming few performances. He's gone 2-6-1 with a horrendous .871 save percentage and 35 goals against. He's been pulled from two of his last three starts, giving up 15 goals in the meantime.

It's extremely hard to only pinpoint the Penguins lack of play as of late on solely the netminders, this Penguins team in March has been historically bad, as they currently sit a low 24th in the NHL overall standings.

Lack of success on the road for the Penguins has been very apparent, see: Penguins lose seven straight away

The inability to win on the road is something that is extremely hurtful to the team's playoff chances.

In conclusion, the Penguins bad play as of late isn't on pinpointed individuals, but instead the group together, the season can't end soon enough in the Steel City.

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Penguins Goaltenders Unreliable During Crucial Part of the Season

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