Penguins general manager Kyle Dubas addressing the media after the trade deadline
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Kyle Dubas Hints At Possible Rebuild For Pittsburgh Penguins

Published March 13, 2024 at 9:03 PM

The Penguins have certainly had a tough year. First-year general manager Kyle Dubas had hoped for his team to make a strong playoff push, but that is no longer reasonable.

Dubas Hints At Possible Rebuild During Post-Trade Deadline Media Availability

Today, Dubas talked with Pittsburgh media, recognizing that the team has failed to achieve their goals this season. After the team traded Jake Guentzel to the Carolina Hurricanes, it became abundantly clear that the team was giving up on the season. Now it seems like the strategy for the team going forward could look a lot different as Dubas emphasized a need for long-term success.

Kyle Dubas: "In my role, there's going to be a lot of times where you have to do things that people will question; that people will think are unpopular... But the goal, the job, has to be all the time about winning in the long run."

It is never good to hear your favorite team's general manager speak like this. This is about as far as one can go to hint at a rebuild without using the word itself. As such, the futures of many Penguins players could look very different now.

Could The Penguins Trade Players Including Crosby And Malkin?

Many Penguins fans are likely asking themselves questions about the team's future now. What will the team do with Sidney Crosby? The team captain isn't getting any younger and he will be on an expiring contract next season. Could this mean the team trades him? Evgeni Malkin is even older than Crosby and he has two years left on his contract. What will come of him? Crosby has already expressed confusion and disappointment after Guentzel was traded.

As NHL insider Kevin Weekes pointed out, Crosby never says things like this. For him to be expressing these things about the Penguins is a big deal. It could even be a hint that he wants out.

"You never hear Sidney Crosby say anything and what he said tells you everything."

It will truly be a sad day for Penguins fans when or if Crosby is traded. Until then, they will have to hold onto any hope left that they could turn it around with this core still intact.
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Kyle Dubas Hints At Possible Rebuild For Pittsburgh Penguins

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