Penguins captain Sidney Crosby
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Trade Proposal Emerges Sending Captain Sidney Crosby to Canada

Published January 28, 2024 at 5:08 PM

Im going to piss people off with this video

Yup, that's what a YouTuber said before showing a wild trade proposal sending Penguins captain to the Vancouver Canucks in a blockbuster.

Crosby to the Canucks

In the video, the trade mentionned was the following.


Canucks recieve: Sidney Crosby

Penguins recieve: Jonathan Lekkermaki, Tom Willander and 2024 first round pick

Trade proposal isn't as crazy as it sounds

You can argue that this is not the most wild take we've seen yet. The Penguins can find themselves out of the playoffs and decide to get rid of Guentzel. Because of that it can lead to a huge rebuild in Penguins land. Would Sidney Crosby want to spend his final years in a rebuilding team? Or should he go back to his home country and try and bring home a cup back to Canada. You can argue that the Canucks have the best shot at Lord Stanley this year aswell. Jim Rutherford has a connection with Crosby to, so perhaps we can see a deal like this? Unlikely, but not impossible.
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Trade Proposal Emerges Sending Captain Sidney Crosby to Canada

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