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MHL Goaltender and Pittsburgh Penguins Prospect Sergei Murashov making a save for his team the Loko Yaroslavl
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Penguins Goaltending Prospect Sergei Murashov Excelling in MHL

Published March 20, 2024 at 3:04 PM

Penguins Goaltending Prospect Sergei Murashov Excelling in MHL and helping the Loko Yaroslavl take the lead in MHL Quarter Finals game with a shutout performance.

His performance overall so far this year has been stellar, and over his last 5 games he's posted a .945 sv% in the MHL. Facing 127 shots and only allowing 7.

He has even been able to performance at the KHL level, in six games he had a 1.84 GAA and .925 save percentage.

Penguins Picked Sergei Murashov With The Second Pick In 2022

The Penguins took Murashov in the 2022 draft as their second pick that year. He went in the fourth round and was the 118 pick overall.

The Penguins seemingly have some depth in goal, with Murashov excelling in the MHL league, and Wheeling Nailers goalie Taylor Gauthier having himself a great season in the ECHL.

Sergei Murashov and the Loko have begun their quarter final series with a shutout victory. Murashov recorded 29 saves in the win over Almaz.

Murashov will be turning 20 on April 1st. He is a direct product of Ron Hextall giving the Penguins a presence in Russia for the first time since Evgeni Malkin and Alexander Pechurskiy.

We will see if Murashov will continue his dominance as the quarter finals continue against Almaz.
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Penguins Goaltending Prospect Sergei Murashov Excelling in MHL

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