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Players Hextall could let go to make changes among the Pens lineup

Published December 30, 2022 at 3:58 PM

As the trade deadline approaches, rumors and discussions about players being traded intensify every day. We now have many big names that have been cited in said discussions, such as Patrick Kane, Bo Horvat, Brock Boeser, Erik Karlsson and the list goes on. But who exactly could the Pens give away in order to acquire new talents for the team?


First, the Pens don't have much of young talents to give away, so trades with big names would most likely include Kapanen as well as a first round pick. If we take a look at the blue line, one player that would need to go is unfortunately Dumoulin. Things seem not to work for him anymore as he's recording a terrible season. He is far from being a bad player, he has some experience under his belt and could be interesting for team like the Canucks, who are desperately looking for players to fix their defensive unit. P-O. Joseph could be a great asset for the Pens is they considered trading a defenseman. He is loaded with talent and still has a lot of potential. He has proven he can be an impactful player and that's what many teams are seeking.

Trades like this are the same type of trade that got the Penguins Rakell from Anaheim, so we could see Hextall making huge moves as such.

Source: The Hockey Writters
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Players Hextall could let go to make changes among the Pens lineup

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