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Jake Guentzel prepares for a play in the 2017 Stanley Cup Final.
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Guentzel reflects on his relationship with Sidney Crosby

Published May 4, 2024 at 9:23 PM

While Jake Guentzel was a key figure with the Pittsburgh Penguins, he eventually was traded out of Pittsburgh to the Carolina Hurricanes.

Guentzel took time to reflect on his relationship with superstar Sidney Crosby in a recent interview with the Athletic's Michael Russo.

During Guentzel's time in Pittsburgh, he started as a rookie in 2017 and won the Stanley Cup that year. Guentzel would play eight seasons with the team and proved as one of their most consistent goal-scorers. He learned from one of the best hockey players ever to play the game and it benefitted his game and life massively.

When Guentzel went from a rookie to an NHL regular, Sidney Crosby found his go-to guy and the two bonded. The two players became one of the best duos in NHL history due to Guentzel's 219 goals and Crosby assisting on 114 of them.

Guentzel, even though he is focused on the Carolina Hurricanes 2024 Stanley Cup Playoff run, spoke about Crosby's influence and the relationship the two had.

While they no longer are teammates, Jake Guentzel considers Sidney Crosby like an older brother. Both shared a locker room and a bond that may never be broken, but they both understand that hockey is a business and sometimes business separates a strong bond.

«It was tough because I was so close to a couple guys, especially Sid,» Guentzel said. «I sat next to him for I don't know how long, and a guy I really looked up to and a guy who took me under his wing.»

Guentzel noted in his interview that he and Crosby stay in touch and chat regularly, the two players also are still close friends even if they're playing for rival teams within the division.

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Jake Guentzel Reflects on Relationship With Penguins Captain
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Guentzel reflects on his relationship with Sidney Crosby

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