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Pittsburgh Penguins forward Sidney Crosby with Colorado Avalanche forward Nathan MacKinnon during All-Star Weekend.
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Media Member Takes A Major Shot At Sidney Crosby For His Actions At All-Star Weekend

Published February 3, 2024 at 9:35 PM

The NHL All-Star Weekend is a fantastic place for storylines to be created heading into the second half of the NHL season. Today one NHL reporter and insider went on a podcast and ripped Sidney Crosby for his handling of All-Star weekend.

Crosby Dips Out On All-Star Draft For A Trip To Montana

As has been well documented over the last couple of days Sidney Crosby was not in attendance for the All-Star Draft. At the time no one was sure why he was not there. Now we have had confirmation that Crosby was in Montana enjoying some relaxation and a skate on an outdoor rink.

While most fans and personalities around the NHL reacted to this news fondly others did not. One of the people disappointed in Crosby includes NHL insider Frank Seravalli.

Media Member Takes A Major Shot At Crosby

During a segment of his podcast today NHL reporter and insider Frank Seravalli spoke about Sidney Crosby's absence from the All-Star Draft. Seravalli was livid that Crosby was treated differently than other All-Stars and allowed to skip out.

"I find it disgusting that every other year, when he decides to show up at the All-Star weekend, Sidney Crosby doesn't get flamed by anyone. No one ever criticizes him. He has done so much for the sport, and that's wonderful. He is/was an excellent ambassador for hockey. But to see a video of him skating in Montana and enjoying the good weather... Why do all the other players show up and participate in the player draft, but Sidney Crosby is not there, and no one talks about it. It drives me absolutely crazy because if it were any other player, they would get slammed. I just don't understand why he doesn't catch any flak."

- Frank Seravalli

These are very harsh comments from Seravalli dismantling Crosby for not being a better ambassador during large hockey events like an All-Star game. While Seravalli might have a point to be made the way he went about making his point didn't seem to land as intended.

As the All-Star Game continues in the upcoming years it will be interesting to see if the NHL mandates attendance for all events due to Seravalli's comments.

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Media Member Takes A Major Shot At Sidney Crosby For His Actions At All-Star Weekend

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