Sidney Crosby skates during a Pittsburgh Penguins game.
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Insider reveals massive news regarding Sidney Crosby's future in Pittsburgh

Published March 6, 2024 at 5:52 PM

There's some big news from the Pittsburgh Penguins camp! They've already started talks about extending the contract to captain Sidney Crosby.

Insiders are buzzing with excitement, and according to reports, Crosby could be putting pen to paper as soon as NHL free agency kick off on July 1st. It's no secret Sid the Kid has been a steal for the Pittsburgh Penguins since signing his $8.7 million deal back in 2013. His performance has far exceeded that price tag, making him one of the best bargains in the league.

The Future of Crosby's Contract

Even as he approaches the age of 37, Crosby could easily command north of $10 million annually on the open market. Yet the Penguins have been fortunate to have him locked in at a lower rate. When he signed, $8.7 million comprised 14% of the salary cap, but with each passing year, it looked like a better deal.

As for what's next for Crosby, it's unlikely that he'll be demanding top dollar in his next contract. At his age, not many players can command a hefty paycheck. While it's tough to put an exact number on his next deal, it's safe to say it'll be in the ballpark of his current $8.7 million, if not lower.

One thing's for sure, though: Crosby's next contract will undoubtedly keep him in a Penguins jersey.
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Insider reveals massive news regarding Sidney Crosby's future in Pittsburgh

What do you think Sidney Crosby's next contract with the Penguins will look like?

Will exceed $10 million per year8028 %
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