There's a reason why Dumoulin is wearing this red jersey, and it's very funny!

Published December 21, 2022 at 5:49 PM

Brian Dumoulin as been seen wearing this red jersey at today's practice. Many fans were confused about why he was the only player wearing it. Turns out the reason is pretty funny! Every month, the Pens hold a shootout contest. The loser has to wear a red jersey to the next practice, and also needs to let his teammates chose his equipment. That is also why he practiced with an undersized wooden stick Crosby gave him.

"It was fun," Crosby said, smiling. "I guess he looked great, in a certain way."

It is a tradition the Pens do since a couple years : the loser of the shootout contest also gets to serve drinks to his teammates, drive the equipment truck or grow a mustache (the loser is not allowed to shave it until next month's edition). This month, as surprising as it may seem, Crosby almost lost the drill as he was among the last two to not be able to score with Dumoulin!

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