Happy ending for this fan whose trip of a lifetime almost turned to disaster

Published December 16, 2022 at 7:04 PM

Robert Barrie, 29, flew all the way from the UK to Pittsburgh to attend a Pens game in Pittsburgh. Robert suffers from motor neurone disease. He got really lucky and got the chance to meet the players. Sidney Crosby offered him two signed sticks, making this trip unforgettable for Rob.


Robert payed and extra 100£ to get the sticks shipped back to the UK. However, when him and his family got back to Manchester, the bag with the sticks was empty. Rob's mom said he cried all the way home. The two sticks had a really important meaning to Robert since they represented the whole trip, which is the trip of a lifetime. After sharing his story on twitter, he received a call from British Airways, informing him they had been able to locate the sticks.


Fortunately, the sticks will be back before Christmas and Robert hasn't stopped smiling since he got the good news!

Source: liverpoolecho
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