Kyle Dubas takes part in a press conference as the GM of the Pittsburgh Penguins.
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SHOCKING: Inside Sources Suggest the Penguins May Make No Moves After All!

Published February 15, 2024 at 7:11 PM

Every year we see teams overpay in the trade deadline as they are looking for last minute reinforcements to bolster their teams chances in the postseason. It is an amazing day for selling teams who have pending UFA's with trade value, just like the Penguins, who are falling off a cliff right now, there has been insight on their status ahead of the March 8th deadline.

Credible source doesn't think Penguins will make many moves if any

Via Pensburgh's latest article the author mentioned the following.

My whole point here comes down to this -- management has watched this team and all of its flaws all season and has not done a single thing to try and change any of them. If they wanted to fire a coach, it probably would have happened by now. They have shown little motivation to fix any of the issues that have existed. Kyle Dubas has already moved on from his self appointed All-Star Game deadline and seemingly decided he still needs more time to evaluate everything. I just do not see any motivation to actually try and salvage the season and little evidence they will -- or even can -- be major sellers.

Basically saying that the Pens new GM Kyle Dubas will probably only end up dealing Jake Guentzel as he is the only major trade piece teams would want. Even at that, Dubas can play out the contract situation with Jake Guentzel until the off-season if needed, something he is not scared of.

More details to come.

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SHOCKING: Inside Sources Suggest the Penguins May Make No Moves After All!

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