Pittsburgh Penguins forward Alex Nylander
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One of Kyle Dubas' Worst Trades Continues to Look Worse

Published March 17, 2024 at 4:30 PM

It seemed in hindsight that Kyle Dubas made that trade just for the sake of trading.

On February 22nd, the Pittsburgh Penguins traded Alex Nylander and a conditional 6th round pick in exchange for Emil Bemstrom from the Columbus Blue Jackets. The trade keeps on getting worse by the day...

Alex Nylander thriving in Ohio

Alex Nylander has really found his groove in his new home in Columbus, finally playing big minutes at the NHL level. During his stinct so far in Columbus, Alex Nylander has 8 goals and 11 points in just as many games. He has truly been impressive. His brother, William Nylander, even commented about Alex in a touching way.

Alex Nylander has eight goals and 11 points through 11 games since getting traded to Columbus.

William Nylander: "I'm a super proud brother. He's been battling his entire career and been given a really good chance to play and showing what he can do. I mean, super proud brother."

During his time in Pittsburgh over the last two seasons, the Swedish forward only got to play an underwhelming 14 games! The forward has never truly got the opportunity and it isn't like the talent is not there, the forward got drafted at 8th overall in the 2016 NHL draft by the Buffalo Sabres.

Kyle Dubas continues to blunder at the helm of the Penguins front office.
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One of Kyle Dubas' Worst Trades Continues to Look Worse

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