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Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins in the pre-game skate before the game against the Montreal Canadians
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Major Update from Insider Reveals Crosby's Name Appearing in Trade Rumors

Published March 7, 2024 at 11:15

When Kyle Dubas took the reigns as GM and the Penguins acquired Erik Karlsson, they had some high hopes as a team who could make a run at the Cup.

It looks like for the second season in a row unfortunately, the Penguins could be out of the playoffs before they start.

With just two days left in the trade deadline, everything is pointing towards the Penguins trading Jake Guentzel. This trade will prove that the Penguins are looking to start on a soft rebuild process, needing to get draft picks in return for Guentzel because they are giving up a first round pick over the next two years.

Crosby's Name Linked in Trade Talks with the Colorado Avalanche

According to Nick Kypreos, the Penguins could be taking this a step further with reports saying the Penguins are looking to move the captain to Colorado. Crosby's name is appearing in trade talks with the Avalanche.

Kyper says he's had two calls today from people not in the know, linking Crosby to Colorado.

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Crosby and MacKinnon Have a Big Connection and Might Want to Play on the Same Team

The connection Crosby has with Colorado is well noted, as he is good friends with Nathan MacKinnon. And given the state of the team, it would make sense that Crosby might want to make a final push to play on a contender.

Crosby has played his entire career with the Penguins. Now at 36 years old his performance has not dropped with 32 goals and 31 assists in just 60 games. Although Crosby's name has been linked to Colorado and probably multiple teams, the thought that Crosby would leave the Penguins is very unlikely.

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Major Update from Insider Reveals Crosby's Name Appearing in Trade Rumors

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