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ESPN insider Kevin Weekes on a television set discussing hockey news.
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Kevin Weekes hints at massive shake-up in Pittsburgh

Published April 30, 2024 at 10:55

Today NHL insider Kevin Weekes has sent the Pittsburgh Penguins and their fans into a frenzy with one post on X. He hinted at a potential big story coming out of Pittsburgh and now major speculation of what it could be has begun.

Kevin Weekes is known for using his X to subtly report news. He has done so in the past with trades, potential new franchise locations, and signings. Today the city of Pittsburgh was the subject of his latest cryptic post on X.

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While Kevin Weekes did not reveal the exact nature of what the news will be fans have taken the post and ran with it. One post on X seems to have three theories that are pretty widely accepted.

Here are my best guesses for the Weekes tweet

1. Coaching change (probably assistant)
2. PWHL expansion team
3. Crosby extension numbers

First up is a potential coaching change for the Penguins. This would make sense as the team disappointed this year and many expect at least some kind of change to the staff.

Next is a PWHL expansion team. The PWHL has been a major success this season and many assume they will be expanding to new cities. When expansion is mentioned Pittsburgh is a city in contention so again this would make sense.

Finally, everyone knows that Sidney Crosby is due for an extension with the Penguins. An announcement from the team of him officially returning and the terms of the contract would be the most underwhelming news but still exciting to keep an all-time great around.

With these Kevin Weekes posts sometimes the news comes out within hours and sometimes it takes even days or weeks. Regardless it seems like the Pittsburgh Penguins are cooking something up and it could be announced soon.
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Kevin Weekes hints at massive shake-up in Pittsburgh

What do you think Kevin Weekes post on X is referencing?

Coaching change3750 %
PWHL team79.5 %
Sidney Crosby extension1418.9 %
Other1621.6 %
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