Penguins head coach Mike Sullivan answering questions from media
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Former NHLer Claims the Penguins are Tired of Head Coach Mike Sullivan

Published February 29, 2024 at 7:21 PM

The Pittsburgh Penguins are currently expected to miss the playoffs for the second straight season, and only the second time during the Mike Sullivan era.

According to a former NHL legend, the Penguins players are losing faith in their head coach.

Roenick says players are fed up of Sullivan

Something Pens fans never came to terms with, the players losing faith in their beloved coach Mike Sullivan. As they say in the real world, "nothing ever lasts forever", despite his exceptional accomplishments, we may be seeing the last of Mike Sullivan.

«I heard a rumor over the weekend,» Roenick said. «Some of the players are starting to turn on Mike Sullivan. They're starting to lose faith and lose interest in Mike Sullivan.»

When a former NHL player comes out and drops a bombshell like this, your first intention is to trust him, as we are sure he has many sources.

Maybe that is a big decision that Pittsburgh has to make,» Roenick said. «When you lose the ear of the players, as a coach you need a new trajectory behind the bench. That might be the next call for the Pittsburgh Penguins.»

Coach Sullivan still has 3 years left, and GM Kyle Dubas has reiterated his trust in the long tenured coach, doubtful there will be any moves regarding the head of the table, but it should definitely be a topic brought up moving into the 2024-25 season.
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Former NHLer Claims the Penguins are Tired of Head Coach Mike Sullivan

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