Bryan Rust makes a play for the Pittsburgh Penguins.
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Bryan Rust Opens Up in Blog Post About Giving Back to Kids

Published May 9, 2024 at 3:21 PM

Pittsburgh Penguins forward and King Clancy Trophy nominee Bryan Rust has opened up about his challenges with stuttering and how he's given back to kids who might deal with the same thing in a blog post.

Rust opens up about media scrums being part of the NHL lifestyle, but he talks about how he can exhale and relax after the microphones and cameras go away.

Talking about his college hockey career, he remembers his heart racing and being nervous in front of cameras. Rust states that there are some interviews from his time at Notre Dame that he won't go back to watch because of how uncomfortable he was during the interview.

Rust has an initiative called "Seats for Strength" where he invites children with speech impediments and their families to be a guest of Bryan Rust at a Penguins home game.

The 2024 King Clancy Nominee spends time with the child and their family after the game and hopes this serves as encouragement for them to keep going.

Rust also notes that had he known as a kid himself that an NHL player struggled like he did, it would've been huge and he would've instantly gravitated toward that player.

Bryan Rust hopes that with the "Seats for Strength" initiative, he can share positive and encouraging experiences for children who are seen as different from their peers. Rust states that it's okay to be different, okay to not be perfect, and it's okay to struggle.

The King Clancy nominee looks to continue using his voice and make a positive impact through the rest of his NHL career and beyond.
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Bryan Rust Opens Up in Blog Post About Giving Back to Kids

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