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Sidney Crosby celebrating a goal during a game for the Pittsburgh Penguins
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Penguins Path Back to Playoff Position is Revealed

Published January 22, 2024 at 11:32

The Penguins had a rocky first half of the season this year and it still shows in the standings. They're currently at the 7th position in the Metropolitan Division, with only the Columbus Blue Jackets behind them.

However, it's not as bad as it looks for Pittsburgh.

The Pittsburgh Penguins' Path Back to a Playoff Spot Has Been Revealed


A new post on X highlights the fact that the Penguins are closer than it seems to a playoff spot.

Indeed, looking at the standings, we can see that the Penguins have a few games in hand on their division rivals. With 43 games played this season, they have more remaining games than any other teams in the division. And with 48 points, they could get back in a playoff spot soon.

Here's the full post:

"As of right now the pens sit 7th in the metro. Here's what's ahead of them

NYI: 3 pts (3 more GP)
NJD: 1 pt (1 more GP)
WSH: 2 pts (1 more GP)
CAR: 7 pts (2 more GP)
PHI: 8 pts (4 more GP)

If the pens win their games in hand, they sit comfortably in WC1/4th in metro."

A Tight Race in the Metropolitan Division


The playoff race in the Metro Division will be tighly disputed.

With the Rangers performing at the top of their art, the Flyers causing the biggest surprise this season, the Hurricanes clinging despite many ups and downs this year, the Islanders with new head coach Patrick Roy and the Devils surprisingly struggling, it's hard to predict what's going to happen in this division.

The Penguins, with their games in hand, have a slight advantage on their opponents. But if they don't win those games, they could remain at the bottom of the division and fall short for the playoffs in the second consecutive year.

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Penguins Path Back to Playoff Position is Revealed

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